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Why I’m a switcher

Windows 2003 garbage in the C drive rootHave you ever worked on a Windows 2003 server? If yes, have you ever noticed a directory called wmpub in the root of your C drive? The directory contains nothing except an empty subdirectory called wmiislog. I don’t like clutter in the root directory so I took a look at the last modified timestamp, noticed it was really old and tried to delete the folder. Windows complained that the file was in use and that it could not be deleted. I search and ran across the following on Mark Burnetts blog:

A quick search revealed that that directory belongs to the Multicast and Advertising Logging Agent. So if I used Windows Media Services, had IIS installed, and wanted to use multicast for logging, which is really only practical on an intranet, a dll file wmsiislog.dll would exist in this directory.

But how many media-streaming-IIS-using-multicast-logging people are there really out there? And why does everyone else need this directory?

The server on which I took the small screenshot above has neither IIS nor Windows Media Services installed. In fact, I haven’t had any contact with Windows Media Services at all on any of our servers, ever. Apparently, the root of the problem is that Windows File Protection is monitoring that directory for a DLL that appears if you install Windows Media Services and enable multicast logging. For some reason, the directories have to exist in order for WFP to be happy even if there is no DLL to monitor.

This, my friends, would never happen on a Mac.

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