The digg algorithm revealed! | Rickard Andersson

The digg algorithm revealed!

Scientists have worked long and hard at reverse-engineering the algorithm, but to no avail. The truth behind what makes a story get more or less automatically promoted to the front-page still eludes everyone except the chosen few who are in on the secret. All that is about to change.

In a surprising turn of events, a source deep within Digg Inc. has leaked information on the algorithm used to promote stories. Turns out, it’s basically just a big if()!

Many Bothans died to bring us this information.

array keywords = ['ajax', 'apple', 'osx', 'firefox', 'wii', 'colbert', 'jon stewart', 'amazing', '!!!!'];
array story_types = ['top 10 list', 'story about', 'tutorial'];
array users = ['kevinrose'];

if (subject.contains(keywords) || ||

So, you want your story promoted to the front-page? Just post a “top 10 tutorials” on how to develop Ajax applications with the API in Firefox on OSX, get Kevin Rose to submit it and try to squeeze in something on Colbert/Stewart as well. Oh, and remember to include “amazing” and lots of exclamations marks in the title!

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