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Spanning Sync

After having looked around everywhere for a free way to keep my iCal calendars and Google calendars in sync, I finally just caved in and purchased a license for Spanning Sync. I had been using it for the first free month or whatever and when the trial ran out, I just had to have it. Truth be told, I believe this is the first time I’ve ever used a piece of software for the full trial period and then got a proper license.

Spanning Sync works just as advertised. It periodically syncs my calendars and it’s bi-directional. Add or edit something in Google Calendar and it will sync back to iCal. Add or edit something in iCal and it will sync back to Google Calendar. An added benefit is that any changes I make via the iPhone calendar also get synced when I connect the iPhone to my Mac here at home. It also syncs contacts if you want, but I currently have that disabled. My contacts list in Gmail is a complete mess and I don’t want that mess on my Mac and my iPhone.

If you ever decide to buy Spanning Sync, feel free to use the coupon code ECQB8Q. That way, you get $5 off and I get $5 back. Either that or use the following referral link:

$5 off Spanning Sync

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