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Software release annoyances

Every once in a while, a new version of PunBB is released. When this happens, I go through a list of things I’ve written down that I need to deal with. New release packages are created, the latest_version file is updated etc. One of the most time-consuming things on the list, however, is to update the PunBB listing in various software directories. This has turned into such a hassle that I’ve simply decided to skip it. One update that comes to mind is the PunBB listing at Announcing a new release at Freshmeat takes me several minutes. One of these minutes is spent requesting a new password since I can never remember my login info. Here’s what I propose:

Someone should put together a standard for software release syndication. Directories such as Freshmeat and Hotscripts could just poll an XML file on the software developers website once a day and gather information such as the title of the software, a description, the latest version, pricing/license information etc. Whenever the developers decide to release a new version (or just update the description), they will just upload a new XML file and all directories will update automatically. What am I missing? This sounds so simple and yet, I haven’t found one single software directory that supports anything like it. It’s not rocket science, people.

Edit: I need to google before I write these things up. Enter the Portable Application Description. By looking at an example though, I’ve concluded it includes way too much information. Basically, what I want is title, description, version, price/license and a link.

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  1. Justin
    Posted April 18, 2005 at 03:52 | Permalink

    I agree that there is more information in the spec than most developers will need to include. Can’t you just publish an XML file that contains a subset of the PAD spec? (i.e., only include the XML tags you need.) Or will that cause PAD parsers to choke?

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