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I downloaded Michael Moore’s latest documentary Sicko yesterday and watched it this morning. I think I liked Bowling for Columbine better, but it was still a good film. As usual with Michael Moore, you have to take everything with a grain of salt and he has a tendency to “overdo” everything, but the film clearly gets the message across: the US health care system is badly broken.

Having lived in Sweden my whole life, health care has never really been something I think about. We just take it for granted. Moore likes to use the term “free health care” and that is obviously not true. We pay for it by paying taxes. I guess the main difference is that it applies to everybody, not just the wealthy and healthy. I’m not saying the Swedish system is perfect, but I’ll tell you this, when it comes to health care, I will gladly pay a few extra percent tax than have to deal with insurance companies.

By the way, I did say I downloaded it. I know that’s probably illegal (the laws on this are confusing in Sweden), but at least Mr. Moore himself doesn’t have a problem with it :)


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    I’ll go ahead and say the Swedish system is perfect for health care. Hence, I want to move there, lol.

    American citizens pay more than anyone else in the world for health care and our health stats (infant mortality, life expectancy, vaccinations, etc.) are not high for how much we pay.

    Overall, Swedes pay much, much less for better health care. Our “free system” for health care in the US is an utter failure. We are the only industralised country in the world without a universal health care system. It shows.

  2. tristan
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    This comment has nothing to do with this post.
    It’s just I’m looking for someone called Rickard Andersson who has spent a year at INSA in Lyon (France). He was my roomate.
    Rickard, are you this one? If yes I would be happy to hear some news from you

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    I’m afraid you have the wrong Rickard Andersson. Unfortunately, I’ve never been to Lyon.

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