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Ridley Scott finally returns to science fiction

Two of my favorite sci-fi movies of all time are Alien and Blade Runner, both the result of the genius that is Ridley Scott. I could hardly contain my excitement when I read over on io9.com that Ridley is getting back in the sci-fi saddle. This time, he’s going to tackle the film adaptation of Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. Leonardo DiCaprio, who owns the rights to the movie, will likely be involved in some fashion.

Plans to make the movie have been around for a long time, but “the technology was not there to make it look convincing”. If there’s anyone suitable for making things look convincing, it’s Ridley Scott. Alien is almost 30 years old now and it still freaks me out.

For those of you interested in the works of Ridley Scott, I recommend the Alien Quadrilogy box set as well as the Blade Runner collectors edition. Both contain lots of extra material and behind the scenes footage from when the movies were made. I particularly enjoyed “The Beast Within: The Making of Alien”.

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