Rickard Andersson

Goldfish shoals, nibbling at my toes

Just came back from a spa where I had a bunch of tiny fish nibbling at my feet. It was a pretty strange sensation at first (like mini electric shocks), but after a few minutes I settled down. I’m not sure it did any good, but it was at least fun to try.

Sorry for grossing you out with close-ups of my feet after being in water for 40 minutes, but here goes.

Fish nibbling at my feet

Fish nibbling at my heal

I also stuck my hand into the tank and recorded this little video.

Whine about your Mac

One of my favorite podcasts, MacBreak Weekly, used to include a segment called Mac whines. This was the part of the podcast where the otherwise extremely pro-Mac cast got to whine about stuff they didn’t like regarding Macs, iPods, iPhones and other Apple products. It’s been a while since the last Mac whine segment was featured in the podcast though, and as a switcher coming up on his third anniversary, I think there’s more to whine about! I absolutely love my Macs, but I’ll be the first to admit that there are things that annoy and sometimes confuse me.

So, as a pet project, I put together MacWhines.com. It’s a very simple voting website where you get to bitch and whine about all things Apple. While creating the website, I took the opportunity to learn a little about OpenID and decided to rely completely on OpenID for the sign in mechanism. Additionally, I added “Sign in with a Google Account” and “Sign in with Yahoo! ID” buttons that redirect you to Google or Yahoo! and allow you to sign in via their federated login systems. Give it a spin and let me know what you think.

PS. There’s not a lot of functionality on the website apart from signing in, voting for whines, submitting your own whines and commenting on existing whines, but that’s kind of the idea. I didn’t want to overshoot the target so to speak.