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My thoughts on the “Truth movement”

A fair amount of scepticism is a good thing. I applaud that people are sceptical about what they see on TV, read in books, magazines and on the Internet. Come to think of it, a lot of people could use some scepticism when it comes to religious literature, but, I digress. We know that the information we are fed is not always complete or unbiased. But there is such a thing as one-way scepticism and it’s a recipe for disaster. The 9/11 conspiracy theorists are a perfect example of this.

Followers of this cult are extremely sceptical about any information that originates from the US government, the mass media or the corporate world. However, they have no problem whatsoever believing everything that comes out of the mouth of people like Alex Jones, David Ray Griffin and Dylan Avery. A little neutrality please.

As usual when it comes to conspiracy theories, my question is this. What is the likelihood that every single person involved in such a massive operation would keep their mouth shut about it for all these years? In a National Geographic documentary on the subject (I believe it was called Science and Conspiracy), they did a non-scientific but still illustrative count of the number of people that would need to be involved in the supposed 9/11 conspiracy. I believed they stopped counting at around 5000 people. I’m sure the actual number would have to be a lot larger though. This is just not the way conspiracies work. Conspiracies are conducted by a few people behind closed doors under secrecy, not involving thousands and maybe tens of thousands of people. If you open your mind and think about this for a few minutes, you quickly realize that it’s just not possible.

I end this short blurb with a quote from Benjamin Franklin:

– Three may keep a secret, if two of them are dead.

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