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Multirant, part 2

I thought of some more things that annoy me.

  • That the quickest video card you can put in a Mac Pro is STILL an old X1900 XT. This a recurring rant.
  • Golfers who use belly putters or long putters. I mean, come on!
  • That a DVR with double HD capable tuners doesn’t exist. At least not one that works with my shitty provider (Comhem).
  • That said provider recently decided to remove the sports channel Viasat Sport 1 from my package after having used it as a sales pitch when I upgraded a while back. Bastards!
  • That there was only 12 episodes of Entourage in season 4 :(


  1. Oliver Wong
    Posted January 8, 2008 at 17:38 | Permalink

    Finally, you can get some decent graphics cards in the Mac Pro:

  2. Posted January 8, 2008 at 18:43 | Permalink

    Yeah, but it’s too late. I already bought a PC just to play games :)

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