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Instead of posting one here and there, I thought I’d get rid of them all in one fell swoop. Here’s an assortment of things that annoy the hell out of me at the moment.

  • People who scream “in the hole!” at golf tournaments.
  • The fact that you can’t get just one specific cable TV channel that you want. If you want Channel X, you need to get Package Y that includes 8 other shitty channels you’re not even remotely interested in.
  • That getting an apostille (basically a stamp and a signature) on a photocopy of your passport costs $140.
  • That my current cell phone, a Sony Ericsson W880i, “forgets” where I am in an audio file if I turn off the media player to for example make a call. I can’t possibly be the only one in the world with this problem. I’ve hade the same issue with all my MP3 capable Sony Ericsson phones to date.
  • That I have no idea whether to use the Web Applications Project model as opposed to the built-in Web Site Project model in Visual Studio 2005. I’m guessing they changed it for a reason in 2005, yes? Then why add Web Application Projects as an option in Service Pack 1?
  • That there’s no Formula 1 race this weekend.

Apart from that, everything is peachy :D

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