Knife wrench! For kids. | Rickard Andersson

Knife wrench! For kids.

One of my favorite moments from the TV show Scrubs.


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    I see that you are running a forum called: Sexy Celebrity Gossips.
    Now somebody has registered my name and site at your forum, and is posting pieces of my blog on the forum.
    the profile they have set up is:

    Would you be so kind to remove this profile from your database?


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    I am merely one of the developers of the forum software. I have no control over the use of the software and thus have nothing to do with the forum in question. You’ll have to contact an administrator of that forum.

  3. kj
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    Scrubs is awesome, I like this series. In my opinion the best comedy series ever. But unfortunately it seems that thers just one more seasson before it ends.

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    Hello Rickard Andersson,

    I have see at that in your project you had to deal with this microcontroller I’m a stundet at computer science and i want to make some project with an atmel atmega 128 that has the same number of connectors like yours. I tried to make in eagle cad soft something like this for atmel atmega 128. Now my question is, i’ve seen that you had a similar pcb for your circuit do you know were i can find this pcb already made or can you give me some advice on what to make those more easily because i’m a beginner and eagle is not easy for me :). Thank you for reading.

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    Hi Zlog,

    We made that circuit board ourselves, but I was in charge of software so I didn’t make it personally. I’m sorry, but there’s not a lot of advice I can give you. I do believe we designed the circuit board in Eagle though.

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    To Zlog:
    I was the one responsible for the SWEEPR hardware, but as Rickard said it was custom made specifically for our purposes. I can recommend buying an Olimex header board , they are cheap and can be found at number of distributors, good luck!

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