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iPhoto face recognition, the verdict

Having used iPhoto 09 for a couple of weeks/months now, my verdict is that it sucks. Unless all you have is high resolution, high contrast photos of people taken perfectly perpendicularly to their face, it just doesn’t work. The same applies for people who sometimes were glasses (me for example). If I import a batch of pictures containing only people that I have already added to the database, I would say it gets it right maybe 25% of the time. And that’s provided that it detected all the faces, which it does maybe 80% of the time.

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  1. Peter W
    Posted March 14, 2009 at 02:21 | Permalink

    I can’t say I have the same 25% and 80% results. I found it a lot of fun and a lot of frustration. The frustration seems due to face recognition being a black box. What is it doing and why can’t I have more control over it? Does no or fuzzy faces help or hinder recognition? Please don’t recognize anyone from this folder of photos. Please resubmit this photo for recognition. I discovered that by cropping a photo, it went from one face to all faces found. Really, manual recognition is not included in auto recognition? How silly is that?

    This seems like a case of Apple protecting users from the controls is the wrong approach for this software. I suspect from toying with it that is could do better and I would have better results if I could control it. A wide open lens can place a subject intentionally out of focus. Can recognition of that face be blocked? My kid in is the band. I don’t know how the other 30 kids are and don’t want to recognize them.

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