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Hello World 2.0

Sometime last spring I made an effort to start blogging. I signed up for a Blogger account and was all set on writing down my rants and ravings for the world to see. As some of you might have noticed, that didn’t really happen. I think I submitted a total of three of four items to that blog. I just couldn’t find the time or the inclination to write stuff down. The fact that very few people read the blog and posted comments didn’t really affect me. For me, it was just supposed to be a way to spill my guts. Oh well, almost a year has past and lo and behold, I’m going to give it another try! Hopefully, this time, I will be more successful.

That was a rather boring piece of text, so here’s something a lot more fun. Check out Freebord! As a former skater (waaay back), I must admit that I would die to try one of those out.

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