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E-mail frustration

Someone by the name of Sander e-mailed me a week or so ago with a suggestion for a security precaution in PunBB. He had encountered a problem while messing around with his users table. It turns out that if the guest user (the user with id = 1) is removed or changes id, which normally never happens, PunBB breaks down and assigns, well, odd permissions to guest users. This is in no way a security hole in PunBB, but it is something that can be prevented by simply adding two lines of code to functions.php. Sander included the code required to remedy the situation and I’ve since committed it to Subversion. I then wrote a response telling him that I was thankful for the heads-up and that I would make sure it got into the next release. However, it turns out Sander had forgotten to renew his domain name, so the e-mail never left the outbox. Now, more than a week later, it is still stuck in the outbox and every time I hit “Send/Recv” (yes, I still use Outlook Express), I have to wait the 30 seconds or so it takes for OE to time out while trying to resolve the domain name. Extremely frustrating. Just delete the e-mail you say? Well, I’m sure a lot of people would do just that. However, there’s one thing regarding e-mail that I dislike even more than spam and that’s when people don’t respond at all. If I were to just forget about it and never tell Sander I appreciated his suggestion, he might very well think I just ignored it. We can’t have that, so I guess that e-mail will just have to remain in my outbox until Sander renews the domain. Hurry up Sander, I’m counting on you!

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  1. Herve
    Posted December 26, 2007 at 11:28 | Permalink


    Punbb va-tl improve nothing that the managements smileys or other BBCodes, no longer be forced to install a mod for this purpose, plus the possibility of a gallery for avatars, installing more automated mods, difficult to switch to SMF to punBB, I hope to do one day.
    Good work

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