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Dell Sweden redeems itself

Last week, I blogged about the price of Dell 24 inch monitors in Sweden (as compared to the US). At that time, the Dell monitor I want was listed for $1500 in Dell’s Swedish online store. In the US, it was listed for $674. Lo and behold, Dell Sweden apparently realized their price was absolutely ridiculous and now it’s listed for $1130 instead. Granted, that’s still $450 more than it costs in the US, but if we deduct the VAT from the Swedish price (I’m buying this for my business after all), we end up with $920. Now, if I were to have someone ship this to me from the US, I’d pay $674 for the monitor, maybe $100 for shipping and then an additional $75 to the person shipping it to me (for expenses and the general hassle of lugging this thing around), I’d end up with $850. The bottom line is that I would save $70 by buying it from the US. That’s $70 that I couldn’t care less about if the thing should ever break down and I would be forced to send it back.

So, Dell Sweden, here I come!

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