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Check out claimID.

Imagine that you are applying for a job. You know that your prospective employer is going to search for your name online, and since you’re a rational person, that worries you. How will your employer know what online stuff is actually about you, and not about that other person who shares your name? And what if the good stuff about you online doesn’t mention your full name, or uses a name you no longer go by (such as a maiden name)? How would your prospective employer ever find it? Why do you have to lose out in the eyes of that employer? And the worst part is there’s no way for you to easily influence what search engines say about you.

After listening to the podcast Inside the Net episode 21, I decided to check this out and I really like it. Since my name isn’t extremly common, I haven’t really encountered the issue described above, but I like the service regardless. It’s a nice way to store information and links about yourself in an easily accessible form.

Check out my claimID page and let me know if I missed anything :)


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